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Hello Busy Horse,

I have your original Busy Grande for my Tennessee Walker, and the Busy Snacker's for my two miniature horses. These items have been used every day for over a year. They are showing virtually no signs of wear! Great products like these are what have made me come back for more!

I just placed my order for the new BUSY GRANDE SLOW FEEDER. You read my mind!! This is exactly what I have been wanting. This will be perfect for the loafing stall to keep the boys busy all day. I also ordered two of the Busy Buffet bags. I will keep one for myself and give another to my riding buddy for a birthday gift. They will be great for use at Poker rides and Horse shows.

Thank you for such wonderful products. It is obvious by your attention to detail that you have horses and know how destructive they can be. These Busy Horse items are so well made they will last for years and years.

Kellie Rahm

PNW Allegany Mountain Trail Saddle Distributor: Western~Endurance~Trail. Handmade using Old World Amish Craftsmanship on Steele Equi-fit Trees and the Fit To Be Seen System.




I just wanted to let you know my horse loves his busy feeder. When he sees the feeder going into the trailer, he hops right in. When he's in a stall I fill it up, (I got the large and I'm glad I did) it will take him at least 3 hours to graze on it.

It shows no signs of wear, it's constructed very tough. I recommend it to all my friends.

Thank you, Robbin


Boy, is the Busy Snacker a big hit here out at the barn. When we recently moved and my Lipizzan gelding went from a spacious dry lot paddock with horsie neighbors and plenty of interesting activity in the vicinity to a small dry lot paddock with no neighboring horses, he grew depressed. It didn't help that he was on a new hay--one he liked better and ate more quickly.

I had planned ahead for this and ordered a small mesh hay bag, but it went on backorder and then backorder again, so I went hunting other alternatives and I'm glad I did. From the day I introduced him to the Snacker--I have two of them--Duncan's mood changed dramatically. He relaxed, his mood has lightened, and when he is without hay he is nonetheless contented. It took us a while to figure out the best logistics--he has a very hard time getting the stemmy second-cutting Timothy out of the Snacker when it's hanging, but if I make a pillow of it in his run-in stall he not only gets it all, he has the pleasure of tossing the Snacker around with serious vigor. He's always been a horse who likes to move furniture so this suits him perfectly.

As a bonus, when my order went astray, Jim at Busy Horse responded with uncommon and prompt courtesy to resolve the situation. It was a very pleasant change from other recent Internet orders. Thank you! Duncan is out there throwing around his Snacker right now, and that means I can relax and get back to work...



Hi, just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you! What a great product that actually delivers and MORE! It's well made and I can see it lasting for years! But the best is that my Spanish mustang gelding (Fella) loves his Grande Busy Bag!!!

Kym Clark


Dear Sirs, I just wanted to write and thank you for inventing the Busy Snacker hay bag. I have Miniature Horses and they are only allowed to eat smaller amounts of hay in order to keep them trim. With only a dinner that can be consumed quickly, two of my horses had developed wood eating habits, much to the detriment of my barn as well as being a health hazard for my horses.

I now feed the hay rations in the Busy Snacker , and since dinner time now lasts hours rather than minutes and the wood chewing has stopped. Also, days spent at horse shows are much less stressful on the horses as they are occupied with the Busy Snacker when back at the trailers and I don't have to worry about them over-eating.

Again Thank You!!!

Eve Dexter - Old Bell Farm Rockwood, Ontario, Canada


The Snacker has made a big difference. I really like it.

It works fine against the pipe corral; I just make sure it is centered on of the horizontal bars. My only small bit of feedback is that he is nibbling on the rope and pulling on the individual strands. I will probably switch to a piece of old halter rope which won't be as fun for him to play with.

Thank you so much for the gift, it has really helped.

Love, Susan


The Feed Bag is a hit with my horse. Like I explained he's high energy, always needs something to do, and is a "cribber"(your son and his mother in law, I think it was, will understand). So for him to have a feed bag which he truly has to pick and work at, adds to his daily activities.

Thanks again!! If I can this weekend I'll get a picture of Joey and his bag.

Have a great Easter!!

Kellie Guerrero


With the BusyBuffet, it takes my young horse more than 2 hours to eat the flake of hay he used to devour in 30 minutes (he's the fastest eater I've ever seen). Instead of spending most of his day hanging over the top of his stall door, bored and begging for more food, he is contentedly browsing the way nature intended. Now that the speed of his hay intake is slowed, worries about colic are also eliminated.

Your invention is also superior to regular hay nets, as it does not droop when empty and cause a tangling hazard, nor can the horse grab it and shake all the hay out! Love it! Attached is a picture of End Point enjoying his BusyBuffet.

Thank you,

Leah Kantor


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